Be in the know: Top 10 FAQs for CVDA

Feb 20, 2014 | Blog, News and Events

The Chehalem Valley Dance Academy family grows every year, and that means more dance families become familiar with our studio and “Dance Skills Are Life Skills” goal.

Even though CVDA established its Newberg studio in 1996 and opened up McMinnville a decade later, we get asked the same questions year after year.

To further educate and support our dancers and their families, here’s our top 10 Q & A:


1.  My dancer wants to take a break over the summer. Does she have to dance year-round?

Dancers are not required to take classes year-round in order to participate, however we encourage training through the summer. You can improve flexibility, strength, stamina, and confidence through continual classes. Dancers who wish to advance to the next level should take classes over the summer.

2.  How do I know when my child is ready to add more classes? 

Each dancer is unique in the amount of classes they can handle.  We suggest starting with one or two times a week.  When your dancer can balance school, homework, and other activities outside of dance, try adding another class back to back with an existing one. As dancers get older and more committed, they are usually ready to add more classes. Ask for the instructor’s input any time. 

Dancers hang out together between classes

3.  Why is my dancer in the same level for more than one year?

Dancers progress at different rates.  CVDA conducts annual evaluations for each dancer. Typically, a dancer stays in beginning level classes for 1 complete year, intermediate level classes 2 – 3 years, intermediate/advanced classes for 2 years, and advanced classes for the remainder of their training in that genre.

4.  What is the annual showcase and is it required?

The Annual Showcase is CVDA’s big performance. Each class performs one routine that they have been learning throughout the year. Dancers get to shine on stage in costume for friends and family. The showcase is a wonderful opportunity for dancers of all levels and we highly recommend all dancers participate.

Dancers perform during the Annual Showcase 

5.  When is the deadline to join a class and still participate in the showcase?

For ballet, tap, and jazz, the deadline to register is the last week of classes in December.  For tumbling and hip hop it is the first week in February. 


6.  We pay tuition all year so why do we have to buy tickets for the showcase?

Tuition covers training, instructors, facilities, and administration of the weekly classes.  The showcase is a separate event (that not everyone participates in), and ticket sales cover the building rental and other expenses exclusive to the showcase. CVDA is proud that showcase ticket prices have not increased in the last 7 years. Parents can earn 2 free tickets by volunteering backstage during one of the shows.

7.  Why are dance costumes so expensive and why don’t we do fundraisers to offset the cost any more?

Dance costumes are high-quality and custom-made. Just like any other piece of custom clothing, they do not make the garments until they are ordered, which ultimately raises the price. In the past, CVDA helped to coordinate a fundraiser, but that isn’t an option now.

Custom dance costume

8.  They only get worn once, so why aren’t costumes recycled year to year?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee the costume companies will provide the same costume catalog; most change every year. Therefore, if the exact same people weren’t in class the following year, there wouldn’t be a way to order costumes for the new dancers.


9.  What is Performing Company and how can my dancer join?

Performing Company is the highest level of dance training and commitment at CVDA.  Dancers audition for placement at the beginning of summer and jump right into 6 required classes. Our instructors focus on developing and critiquing individual goals, technique, execution, and behavior.  PC dancers compete at competitions and perform locally throughout the year.

CVDA PC Members 2013

10.  Why can’t I watch my child’s dance class when I want to?

This policy is in place to provide the best learning environment for the students. Dancers focus better without distractions and external corrections (parents sometimes can’t help correcting their child’s behavior, technique, or try to “help” by reinforcing what the teacher is saying; this can be confusing for the dancer.) You are invited to watch three times a year during Parent Watch Week.

Here at CVDA, we value regular communication and welcome your questions any time. Message our Facebook page, send an email to, or call the office at 503-537-3902 (leave a voicemail if there’s no answer – we’ll return your call promptly!)

And if reading this FAQ post prompted a question, please leave it in the comments section below. Thanks!