With the New Year comes changes at CVDA. I am sad to announce that Miss Karley decided to leave teaching and CVDA at the end of 2021. We are saddened by Miss Karley’s departure, but supportive of her decision and wish her happiness and success in her new chapter. She has given a lot to CVDA over the last 8 years and we will miss her deeply. Please feel free to reach out to us for her contact information or if you have a note you want to send Karley, we will make sure to forward it on to her. We wish Karley the best of luck in her next chapter. Dancers- stay tuned for some exciting news about new faces at CVDA!

From Miss Karley:

“Dear Cvda family, friends and dancers.
These last 8 years you have blessed me. I’m so grateful for the time i have spent with you and the memories made. Today i am saying a goodbye. I will be starting the new year with a new direction for my family and  me. I will hopefully see you in passing, or watch you perform. You are all incredible people. Thank you truly, for the last 8 years


Please note: Mr. Dane, Miss Rae, Miss Rachel, and Miss Lillie are all available for some competition cleaning and support if you had Miss Karley as a choreographer.