American Dance Awards Results 2016

Apr 12, 2016 | Blog, Performing Company

American Dance Awards 2016 Results

A great weekend last weekend at American Dance Awards!


I Wanna Dance w/ Somebody, Cora Gold

ROAR, Audrey D High Silver

I Am The Greatest Star, Vada Gold, 3rd Runner Up for Junior Miss ADA!

Tonight, Pre-Co High Silver

Nobody Love, Emma L Gold

Operate, Naomi High Silver

Burnitup, Riley High Silver

Best Friends, Newg. Jr. Jazz Gold, 1st in Category

I Can Make You Dance, Mac Jr. High Silver

Super CUTE, Newb. Minis Gold, Potential Award

Hero, Newb. Jr. Lyrical Gold

Grown Woman, Ella/Mia Gold

Something Bad, Emma/Paige High Silver

Sister, Newb. Elite Lyrical Gold

Save The World, Lillie Gold

Champion, Newb. Elite Jazz High Silver

Queen Bee, Lauren Gold

A Little Too Much, Emma G Gold

Elastic Heart, Hailey Gold, “The Look” Award

Oops I Did It Again, Hadley Gold

No Light, Jenna Gold

Holding Out For A Hero, Abby W Gold, 1st in Category

Lost Boy, Brenna Gold

Holy Water, Audrey G Gold

Alice, Emma S High Silver

Toes, Vivian High Silver

Swallowed In The Sea, Anna C High Silver

Rave Police, Kristen Production Gold, “Good Morning” Award

Medicine, Emily Gold

Words, Newb. Sr Gold

A World Alone , Zoe/Emma S High Silver

Breathe, AnnaClaire/Mack High Silver

Fly With Me, Newb. Tumbling Gold

And The Boys, Capri Gold

Details In The Fabric, Newb. Teen A/B Gold

All Of You, Mackenzie High Silver

Crazy, Lucy High Silver

Wings, Anna HB High Silver

Grow, Mac High Silver

Fight Song, Newberg Teen A Gold

Pressure, Holly Prod Ultimate Gold, “We Got The Message” Award

Hood, Hip Hop Gold, 1st in Category

Cry No More, Mac Gold

AHS, Mac Combined         Gold

Human, Teen B Ultimate Gold

Live For The Night, Mac Express High Silver

Hold On, Newb Sr Gold

Read All About It, Olivia Gold, 1st in Category, Potential Award

Cello Wars, Addisyn Gold