Bring-A-Friend Week

Oct 7, 2013 | Blog, News and Events

Bring-A-Friend Week Info

April 20th – 25th is Bring-A-Friend Week at Chehalem Valley Dance Academy.  This is a fun time of year when our current dancers get to invite their friends to dance class.  Friends and dancers will do warm up, stretch, and (in most classes) learn a buddy dance.  Thinking about enrolling in a dance class?  This is a great time to try some out!

Click Here for the Bring-A-Friend Form (ignore the dates listed)

CONTEST: The dancer who brings the most friends receives a $25 gift certificate to All Star Dancewear, and the runner up $10 to All Star Dancewear!  For your friends to count – forms must be filled out completely with your name in the top right, address, and parent signature.


  • Wear athletic clothes (tight fitted tank tops, leggings etc. – make sure you can move with ample coverage)
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Put your hair back
  • Bring completed form
  • Have fun!


  • Make sure the class names, times, and your name is on the form
  • Friends have to be new to CVDA and not current students
  • Siblings are allowed only if they are in the age range or within a year
  • Have fun!

Questions?  Call us at 503.537.3902 or email us at