CVDAerial Candle Light Series

Feb 9, 2015 | Blog, CVDAerial

Pre-Register for 3 week series on Fridays March 6th, 13th, and 20th from 7:45pm – 9:00pm.

Cost for this 3 class session is $50/per person.

CVDAerial Candle light Class will cover aerial basics with restful periods of time to reflect and unwind. A perfect class for the individual who wants to relieve stress in a weightless and beautiful environment. 

To register, email First come first serve. Must be 10 years or older.

What is aerial?
All CVDAerial practices use individual, fabric hammocks for stabilization, strengthening, elevation, and decompression. Aerial dance and flexibility classes will take place at our studio on Evans and 2nd, The Studio, in McMinnville, OR. The Studio is rigged with 10 hammocks; pre-registration is required.

CVDAerial includes traditional grounded poses plus dynamic support in a full spectrum practice, which may include weightless inversions – UPSIDE DOWN! Improve flexibility and strength with the hammock exercises.

You’ll be surprised how easy the sacrum inversion is!

No aerial or dance experience necessary but moderate physical strength is recommended. All aerial classes are designed for beginners so all levels are welcome. Aerial workshops are taught by certified aerial instructors. Everyone gets to use the hammock for the entire class, so space is limited to 10 people.
Also, if you find you cannot attend a scheduled class, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the class.

Ready to take a class?
Below are common health conditions that require a physicians approval before inversion:
The use of Anti-Coagulants such as Blood-thinning drugs or aspirin, to reduce clotting of the arteries and blood vessels
Bone weakness, recent fractures, skeletal implants
Conjunctivitis – (Pink eye)
Heart or circulatory disorders
Hiatial hernia or ventral hernia
High blood pressure and hypertension
Middle ear infection
Extreme Obesity
Pregnancy beyond the first trimester.
Retinal detachment
Spinal injury
Ministroke (TIA – Transient Ischemic Attack)
(Cited from the Comfort Channel Inversion Therapy Theory and Precautions)

Supported stretches have similar effects as massage

Preparing For Class
For your own comfort, it is recommended you:
Allow any food in your stomach to fully digest prior to attending class
Are not overly hungry when attending class, so that you do not get “light-headed” when upside-down
For comfort and hygiene, please wear clothing that covers your armpit area, backs of the knees, and entire midriff
Wear deodorant
Use a Yoga mat for the floor sections of the class
Remove all jewelry, watches, hair clips that can get caught on the hammock.