Everything You Need to Know About Performing Company at CVDA

Feb 12, 2022 | Studio News

Chehalem Valley Dance Academy’s mission “Dance Skills are Life Skills” is lived out everyday in our recreational classes, and it’s paramount with CVDA Performing Company. At some point during their dance career, dancers may be invited to audition for one of the levels of Performing Company. There are three: Pre-Co (pre-company), Performing Company, and Performing Company Elite.  stella at spotlight

If selected, dancers may be placed on one or more Performing Company teams. Performing Company competes at dance competitions and conventions from January – April every year. Most competitions and conventions are located in Portland, with some in Vancouver or Seattle. Additionally, Performing Company often dances at community events and care centers to share the joy of dance with general audiences.

Competitions involve dancing as a group, trio, duo, or solo in front of judges and earning a score, which translates to a medal or some other recognition. Dance competitions differ from the American sports culture (where every contest produces a winner and loser.) CVDA does not emphasize “winning” at competitions. Our focus is to develop human beings, which is why our mission Dance Skills are Life Skills guides everything we do. Earning a high score is great, but more importantly, our dancers learn, reflect, work hard, and improve, based on the judges’ feedback.

While some studios foster an intense rehearsal schedule and pressure to compete at the top level, this is not the philosophy of CVDA. Our instructors hold high standards for PC teams and expect dancers to work hard and dance to the best of their ability; our goal is not to win the shiniest and glitziest medal. Achievement is nice, but discipline and accountability wins the day, everyday, in the scope of life. Hence, “dance skills are life skills.” We value the whole self and the strength of the team, but do not require intense weekend rehearsals, allowing families to have between 2 and 4 days off of dance per week.

dancers at spotlightWhen a dancer is accepted to join a Performing Company team, it’s understood they are ready and excited to elevate their dancing to a new level. Team members are surrounded by others who share their vision to become the best dancer they can be.

Performing Company requires significantly more dedication than regular classes; there are strict attendance requirements in order to participate in dance competitions and conventions. Dancers learn about preparing for auditions, how to be committed, work together as a team toward a common goal, and the importance of professionalism, polish, uniformity, and presentation.

Performing Company policies are communicated to dancers and families extensively throughout the season. These policies are in place for consistency and the strength of the Performing Company teams. Before committing to PC, potential dancers and families should familiarize themselves with the PC policies and be ready to follow all the guidelines.  

It’s essential to remember that CVDA instructors observe your dancer every week, sometimes in multiple classes, and know their ability, readiness, and potential to be successful in PC. Instructors are responsible for making recommendations for Performing Company auditions. Dancers may join PC when they are invited to audition and when they are ready to fully commit to the experience. Parents with questions are encouraged to reach out by emailing us at office@iheartcvda.com.

Our Performing Company Manifesto