What makes Chehalem Valley Dance Academy the best choice for my child?

At CVDA, we employ highly qualified and experienced instructors that share our mission and passion for dance.  Our smaller class sizes allow students to get more individualized attention and instruction from teachers, and as a result progress at a faster level than in a large class environment.  Our smaller class sizes also ensure that teachers can catch any problems before they turn into bad habits or improper technique.

What are private lessons?

Private lessons ensure that the student has the undivided attention of the teacher and can progress at a level suited to them individually. Private lessons are arranged with the instructor directly and cost is usually around $25/half hour.

Are parents allowed to watch classes?

We allow parents to watch during our designated Parent Watch Weeks throughout the school year only.  It is important for the student to establish a relationship with the instructor that supports they are the authority figure in the class and this can only be done if the parent is not in the studio during class.  Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby during the class if they would like to be nearby.

Why are your prices higher then other local studios and why shouldn’t I enroll my child in a cheaper option?

In many cases you will find that our teachers are more highly qualified than other local dance options and have a lot of teaching and performing experience.  When choosing an educational activity for your child, the quality of instruction is very important.  The environment of taking classes in a dance studio is more conducive to learning when compared to a home, garage, or other large obligatory space.  There are little to no distractions at CVDA for the dancers and the instructors that teach with us are passionate about teaching and not just using the position as a side venture.

What is the registration fee for and do I have to pay it?

The registration fee covers administrative expenses and is paid by all students.

Do I have to pay with post-dated checks?

Yes.  This policy is not flexible and we will not register a student without the receipt of post-dated checks.

How is CVDA different from other local studios?

As for other dance studio, we cannot comment on instructors or procedures.  However, we do differ in a number of ways including that we have professional floating Marley dance floors; our studios are over 1000 sq. feet each, we have a full time office staff, and a large lobby to accommodate families and dancers between classes.