For The Love of Dance

Dec 19, 2013 | Blog, Nutcracker

Happy holidays to you and yours from the CVDA family! ‘Tis the season of giving and sharing, and above all, love. To warm your hearts (and ours), we gathered some input from our dancers about their love of dance. Read and feel their joy!


Dancing at CVDA and being on the Performing Company has really enhanced my life by teaching me life skills. I have learned how to persevere and keep trying until I get it right. I have also learned how to be a good leader and a good teammate. Dance for me is an escape.  I can go to class and express myself without being judged. I can forget my troubles, relax, and enjoy the moment without stressing. I have made so many great friends and have so many people to look up to. Dance has made me into the person I am today!

Erin, age 18

Erinn in CVDA’s The Nutcracker 2012 


I love how dance always makes me feel better and express my feelings that I can’t express verbally. I can be myself and not be embarrassed.

Grace, 12

Dancing has made my life better because whether I’m angry, sad, or happy, I can express my feelings through dance. I am a happier, stronger, healthier, person now.

Maddy, 13

I’m a dancer because it helps me not be so shy and hidden.  Being a dancer has changed me as a person.  Dancing makes me see things differently.  I love being a dancer!  Dance makes my life better because if I didn’t have dance I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I have so much personality and style because of dance.  I love dance!!!

Lillie, 9

Lillie signs an ornament after The Nutcracker 2013


Taking dance at CVDA has taught me so much about responsibility and overall respect, not just towards my teachers, but my peers as well.

Paige, 15

I love dance because I can really express myself. Dance is my passion. In dance I can be who I want to be!

Mackenzie, 11

What I love about dance is that you get to be who you want to be and express yourself in your own way. Dance has taught me how to express myself at school and really, anywhere else.  Dance has taught me to be who I want to be. I love CVDA.  

Emily, 12

Emily with her family after The Nutcracker


Dancing at CVDA has helped me get better at dancing, my cartwheels, and the splits. I would not have gotten better without CVDA.

Nora, 8

I’m a dancer because I simply love it! I can’t imagine my life without dance. It would be like an ocean without water.

Vivian, 12

Dancing at CVDA has taught me to take corrections in a way that helps me and also to respect my teachers.

Riona, 14

Little Miss Lola as an angel 2013


You put on your dance clothes, pull up your hair

drive to the studio – got to be on time!

Warm up, stretch, stretch some more

“Pull that leg higher”

“Think up”

“Point that toe”

Corrections: you take them in.

You sweat,

You work hard,

You strive to perfect every step.

You come home

and sometimes cry from exhaustion.

Why do you do this?

I love it. It’s in my blood.

When the music comes on,

I can’t resist.

It’s my life

It’s what makes me ME

I love dance!

~CVDA dancer since 2007