Jump 2019 Recap

Mar 27, 2019 | Blog, Studio News

Spending 4 days in the convention center with friends dance family can get a bit exhausting.  As a faculty, we didn’t truly realize until we were there HOW MANY newbies we had! WOW! But also, YAY! Attending convention is one of the most valuable events of a PC dancer’s training. Lots of new, famous, incredible teachers; new genres; dancing in a HUGE room with hundreds of other dancers; auditions; and fast paced learning up to a dozen new routines.  As instructors, we watch how the dancers take the classes, how their skills and participation measure up against the other kids in the classes, and find the gaps in training by age and level. We all leave inspired and tired.

The unsung heroes of the weekend are the dance parents who taxi, feed, and cheer on their dancers and the rest of the CVDA Dance Fam. We certainly couldn’t have such a successful weekend without their time, investment, and positivity.

We look forward to JUMP again next year, as well as adding some other optional conventions (not required to compete at) for those dancers wanting more.

Here are some snaps from parents from our JUMP weekend, as well as a recap of the results. Let me know if I missed anything! -Kristen

Competition RECAP

Emily L, High Gold, 10th Overall Highest Scoring Senior Solo; Lillie, High Gold; Runaway, High Gold, Best in Studio, Performed at closing show; Tiernan, High Gold; Lillie/Emily, Gold; Emma, High Gold; Weekendz, Gold; Interference, Gold; OMIGOD, Gold; Poppins, Gold; Isobel/Ava, Gold, First Overall Jump Start Duo!; Isobel, Gold; Retrograde, Gold; Let’s Dance, Gold; 85, Gold; Mack/Abby, Gold; Zummertime, Gold; Peyton, Gold; Maddi; Gold; Brigitte/Peyton, Gold; Mackenzie, Gold; Motion Picture, Gold; Soren, Gold; Summer, Gold; Cora, Gold; Emily S, Gold; Audrey, Gold; Shooting Arrows, Gold; Back to Black, Gold

Convention RECAP

Shoutout to Vivian, Emma, and Sophia from Mac for ROCKING all of their classes.  These 3 girls are on our convention-only PC plan and we couldn’t be more proud of their attitudes, participation, and performance.  Way to work it ladies!

ALSO – we had 4 JumpSTARTS this weekend! First time dance convention goers ages 4.5 – 7! They had so much fun!

Great job to all of our dancers for participating in auditions! This experience can be a bit intimidating for first time convention goers and I saw LOTS of dancers doing their best to put themselves out there. Congrats to the following girls for their scholarships:

Lillie, Teen VIP Runner Up

Soren, Ballet Scholarship

Mirabel, Jazz/Contemp/Lyrical Scholarship

Ava, Hip Hop/Jazz Funk Scholarship

Isobel, Hip Hop/Jazz Funk Scholarship

Jordan, Jazz/Contemp/Lyrical Scholarship

Kora, Hip Hop/Jazz Funk Scholarship

Maddi, Jazz/Contemp/Lyrical Scholarship

Patience, Tap Scholarship

Ella, made it to 2nd round of Teen auditions

Isobel, made it to 2nd round of Mini auditions

Soren, made it to the 2nd round of Junior auditions