JUMP Dance Convention and Competition is hands down one of the most inspiring, organized, and positive experiences CVDA PC has every year.  The instructors are stellar, the competition is fair, and the classes expose our dancers to new styles and choreography.

This weekend was extra special, as instructors Karley, Courtney, and Amanda all participated in teacher classes and observed our dancers all weekend! We also had Casey and Lindsey visit for their first convention experience, and Rae came to watch competition Saturday night and meet the Mac parents!

A standout event for the CVDA Instructors was the intimate teacher talk with Mia Michaels on Saturday morning.  She talked about her creative process, staying inspired, and what challenges she sees facing dancers today.  When asked, she listed the top 5 qualities she believes are most important and that she looks for in a dancer:

  • Work Ethic
  • Technique
  • Athleticism
  • Confidence (not to be mistaken as ego)
  • Vulnerability/Artistry

The dancers had a great time too! Some even earned scholarships.

Bridget Derville-Teer – JUMP SENIOR VIP WINNER! Congrats!!! This is a huge honor! 




Abby See made it to the 2nd round of Junior VIP Finalist Audition

Vada made it to the 3rd round of Mini VIP Finalist Audition

Riley, Mackinlee, and Brigitte made it to the 2nd round of Mini VIP Finalist Audition

Class Scholarship Winners

  • Abby and Emma Linder from MAC – FIRST SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MAC!!!
  • Aliyah
  • Soren
  • Brigitte
  • Riley
  • Mackinlee
  • Lauren
  • Hailey

Competition Results

Cora: High Gold, 9th Overall Highest Scoring Mini Solo

Audrey: Gold

Vada: Gold

Junior Musical Theatre Trio: Gold

Lillie: High Gold

Elite Trio: Gold

Fauna: Gold

Erzsi: Gold

Anna: Gold

Mackenzie: Gold

Emily: High Gold

Emma S: Gold

Lucy: Gold

Mac Trio: High Silver

Hadley, Lillie, Addisyn: High Gold

Hailey: Gold

Brenna: Gold

Bridget: YOU ROCKED JUMP! 3rd Overall Highest Scoring Senior Solo

Camille: High Gold

AnnaClaire: High Silver

Emma G: High Silver

Jenna: High Gold

Lauren: Gold

Hannah: Gold

Senior Trio: High Gold

Jenna/Camille: High Gold

Junior Hip Hop: Gold

Junior Small Jazz: Gold

Junior Large: Gold

Teen Small: Gold

Teen A: High Silver

Mac Teen Small: Gold

Senior Elite: Gold

Mac Teen Large: Gold

Tumbling: Gold

Senior Large: Gold

Hip Hop: Gold

Production: Gold

Senior Express: High Gold, JUMP Studio Standout, BEST of JUMP, performed in closing show


We are all so thankful for the opportunity to learn and dance with such incredible instructors and all left inspired! Looking forward to next year <3.