CVDA dancers set goals for the year -Parent Watch policy in place

Oct 10, 2013 | Blog

Happy fall everyone. Classes are underway at our Newberg and McMinnville locations and we’re thrilled! There’s a wonderful energy buzzing in the studios, regardless of the dance class.

What an honor to be a part of these young dancers’ lives.  As you’ve probably heard or read, at CVDA we believe “dance skills are life skills.”

Our instructors take this mission to heart. Many of the intermediate and advanced classes have been setting goals for the year.

Why goal setting? Any achievement begins with a goal. A goal is essentially a dream or vision with a plan baked in. Setting a goal is the starting point to create a new habit.

In dance, our students are given the opportunity to be self-reflective about what they want and need to improve on. They receive guidance to create specific, actionable goals.

In one class, the instructor prepared a brief handout and facilitated a discussion about setting realistic goals. The following week the dancers returned with their written goal(s). After the instructor collected these goals, they were posted in a convenient setting for the dancers to refer to them during classes.

CVDA dancers are provided an optimum environment to accomplish their goals. All our instructors are experienced, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. We take pride in offering safe, clean, and comfortable facilities.

Stretching at the barre

Each dance class maximizes the time for warm up, instruction, and practice. We encourage students to do their part: attend every class (with make-up classes offered), follow the dress code, and work hard at every session with positive persistence.

What a joy it is to witness a dancer’s growth and see them realize their goals!

To help our dancers stay focused and glean the most they can out of 60 minutes or less, CVDA has employed a successful Parent Watch policy for 17 years. Twice a year parents are invited to watch any and all classes that their child participates in.

Outside of the designated Parent Watch Week, parents and family members are not permitted to observe class. We set the dates for Parent Watch week in advance (check the website here) so you can mark your calendar and arrange your schedule.

Keeping dance classes free of outside observers allows the instructor to teach without interruptions and the dancers to concentrate. This is an integral component of our dance environment.

Even though you don’t get to see your dancer in the studio regularly, you can still be involved. Ask your dancer what his or her goals are for dance this year. Remember to listen closely without judgment.

Rehearsal 'Fives

Owner Kristen Stoller gives Henry some positive reinforcement before rehearsal begins.

Who knows? It might open up a wonderful conversation about bigger life goals and dreams. Thank you for doing your part to support “dance skills are life skills” for your child.