Showcase Checklist!

May 11, 2022 | Blog

Showcase is coming up. Do you have everything you need? See our helpful checklist below for a list of all your hair, makeup and showcase essentials. As a reminder, all dancers should arrive to showcase *ready to go* with their hair and makeup already done!

CVDA Showcase Checklist

All Dancers Under 11                    All Dancers 11+

__Dark brown eyeshadow __Dark grey eyeshadow

__Light brown eyeshadow __Light grey eyeshadow

__White / light eyeshadow __White / light eyeshadow

Lots of great palettes available with this colors at any local drug store

__Pink lipstick or stain  __Red lipstick or stain

*All other items the same for all dancers*

__Concealer to match skin tone

__Powder or cream or liquid (heavy coverage) foundation to match skin tone

__Bronzer (to complement skin tone – OPTIONAL)

__Pink Blush w/ red in it and not blues 

__Black eyeliner (OPTIONAL)

__Black mascara – waterproof is a good idea 

__False eyelashes are optional and available for purchase in All Star

Tools (get a set!) 

__Makeup Brush set

__Makeup remover wipes




__Hair ties to match hair color OR BLACK if dark brown 

__Bobby pins to match hair color

__Clips to match hair color



OTHER Essentials (round them up from around the house!)

__Safety pins

__Femine hygiene products




__Water Bottle