Spotlight 2018 Recap

Feb 27, 2018 | Bottom Home Page

I am so impressed by everyone’s shift in attitude and focus on growth!  This weekend was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you all for earning the Sportsmanship Award! <3

If you purchased photos and are willing to share, please email them to me to use in our marketing and promotions.

If I missed an award – please let me know!

THANK you Rae, Courtney, and Karley for your time, energy, and talent this weekend.  What an incredible staff we have at CVDA!  Love you!

Enjoy some of my favorite moments…


Congrats to Soren for making it to Round 2 of the Junior Dance Down!

Congrats to Bridget and Lauren for making it to Round 2 of the Senior Dance Down!

Congrats to Lillie for making it to Round 3 of the Senior Dance Down!

Great job to everyone who did the dance down!

Great job Madelyn on your title!!! You’re always so poised and positive and great at speaking!



Alive Mackenzie Karley Ruby

Fabulous Paige Courtney Ruby; Judges Award “100% Natural”

Til the World Ends Peyton Karley Ruby

The Other Side Emily Ladd Kristen Diamond,Category Winner, Judges Award “Light As A Feather”, 6th Overall Highest Scoring Senior Solo

Bad Lillian Courtney Emerald, Judges Award “Confidence”

Zero to Hero Mckinlee Karley Emerald

Don’t Rain on My Parade Cora Courtney Ruby

Don’t Deserve You Brigitte Duerr Kristen Ruby

First Soren Courtney Ruby

Fame Audrey D Courtney Ruby

Toxic Madelyn Kristen Ruby

Old Money Madelyn Kristen Ruby

Diva Lauren Kristen Diamond, Category Winner, Spotlight Entertainment Award

Bones Hailey Kristen Ruby

Reborn Bridget DT Bridget Diamond, Category Winner

No Can Do Emily Silvus Courtney Ruby

Something Hannah Steinbach Kristen Ruby

Darkness Bridget DT Bridget Diamond, Category Winner, 1st Overall Highest Scoring Senior Solo

Untitled Bridget DT Kristen Diamond, Category Winner

New York Jillian Kristen Ruby

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Mac Jrs Courtney Ruby, Category Winner

Mickey Mouse Club Newberg Minis Courtney Ruby, Judges Award “Cute as a Doll”, 4th Overall Novice Petite Small Group

Wish That You Were Here Tiernan Kristen Ruby

Faith Mac Minis Courtney Ruby

I Wanna Dance With Some.Newberg Jrs Courtney Ruby, Category Winner

Cold Water Lillie K. McCormick Ruby

Play That Song Emma W Holly Ruby

Enemy Lillie Kristen Diamond, Category Winner, Judges Award “Picture Perfect”, 6th Overall Highest Scoring Teen Solo

Another Day Of Sun Emma L Rae Ruby

We Got The Beat Elite A Courtney Ruby

Breezeblocks Lucy Kristen Emerald

Bushel and a Peck Mac MT Rae Ruby, Spotlight Judges Award for Outstanding Expression

Move Mac Teen Jazz Karley Ruby

Eulogy AJ Kristen Ruby

This World Teen B Kristen Ruby

Warpath Teen A Rae Emerald

Heal The World N-Elite Lyrical Kristen Ruby, Judges Award for Showmanship

Let Me Go N-Elite Contemp Bridget Ruby

We Go Together N-Elite MT Karley Emerald

Red Balloon N-Elite Large Courtney Ruby

West N-Op. Hip Hop Bridget Emerald

Born This Way Maddi F Karley Ruby

Da Doo Ron Ron Mia/Erica Karley Ruby

Run With Me N-Teen Hip Hop Zach/Kristen Diamond

Exit Music N-Senior Large Kristen Diamond,

Forgive Me Mac Contemp Rae Emerald

Need You Tonight N-Senior Jazz Kristen Ruby

Quiet Newberg sr small Rae Ruby

Without You Mac Sr Karley Emerald

MJ Production N-Production Kristen Ruby

Incomplete Hailey/Lauren Kristen Ruby, 10th Overall Highest Scoring Senior Solo