Spotlight Results 2016

Feb 23, 2016 | Performing Company, Photos

We spent a LOT of time at the Oregon Convention Center over Valentine’s Day Weekend. Our McMinnville studio Performing Company debuted their group dances and solos/duos and our Newberg studio PC debuted a few groups and a ton of solos!

Here are the results of the weekend. Everyone was beautiful and of course we missed our injured dancers! Lauren, Kelsie, and Bridget – we miss you! 

Thank you to all of the parents for your support of your girls (and boy) and our team! XOXO

“Wings” Anna HB, Emerald

“Read All About It” Olivia, Ruby

“Crazy” Lucy, Emerald

“Medicine” Emily, Diamond Judges Award for Pushing Through!

“All Of You” Mackenzie, Emerald

Teen Title Nina 1st Runner Up – YES! Congrats!

“Alice” Emma S., Emerald

“And The Boys”  Capri, Ruby

“Jar Of Hearts” Nina, Diamond Judges Award for Storytelling

“Cello Wars” Addisyn, Ruby

“Toes” Vivian, Emerald

Tonight” Newb. PreCo, Emerald 

“I’m The Greatest Star” Vada, Ruby

Petite Miss Spotlight Vada, Runner Up

“ROAR” Audrey D, Emerald

“BURNITUP” Riley, Emerald

“I Wanna Dance” Cora, Ruby 

“Operate” Naomi, Emerald

“Nobody Love” Emma L., Emerald

“Save The World” Lillie, Diamond

“Something Bad” Emma/Paige, Emerald

“Grown Woman” Ella/Mia, Emerald

“Hold On”  Sr., Ruby

“A World Alone”  Emma/Zoe, Emerald

“Breathe”  Mack/AnnaC, Emerald

“Best Friends”  Newb. Jr. Jz, Emerald

“Hero” Newb. Jr. Lyr, Emerald

“Champion”  Newb. Elite J, Emerald

“Sister”  Newb. Elite L, Emerald

“Super C-U-T-E”  Minis, Diamond, Category Winner, and 7th Overall Novice Group 11 and Under

“I Can Make You”  Mac Jrs, Ruby

“AHS” Mac Comb., Emerald

“Live for Tonight”  Mac Exp. J, Emerald

“Cry No More”  Mac Exp. C, Emerald

“Hood”  Newb. HH, Ruby

“Grow”  Mac Elite, Emerald

“Fly W/ Me”   Tumbling, Ruby

“Human”  Teen B, Ruby

“Fight Song” Teen A, Emerald, Category Winner

“Pressure”  Holly Pro., Ruby

“Details”  Teen A/B, Emerald

“Rave Police”  Kristen Pr., Ruby

“A Little Too Much” Emma G, Emerald

“Labels Or Love”  Madelyn, Emerald

“Elastic Heart”  Hailey, Emerald

“La La La”  Madelyn, Emerald

“Oops I Did It Again”  Hadley, Emerald

“No Light”  Jenna, Emerald

“Holding Out…Hero” Abby W., Ruby

“Holy Water” Audrey G, Emerald

“Lost Boy”  Brenna, Emerald