The Studio: A CVDA and 4 Elements Story

Apr 6, 2017 | Blog, Bottom Home Page, CVDAerial

The Studio: more than a shared space for CVDA Mac and 4 Elements

In our last blog post we celebrated the growth of the past 10 years of CVDA Mac. A pivotal moment in that history was opening up The Studio in downtown McMinnville with 4 Elements Yoga. 4 Elements is owned by Erin Bowman, also a CVDA Mac parent.

Connections in small towns often prove fruitful, and The Studio is a classic case in point. Erin Bowman and Kristen Stoller first became acquainted in 2009 when Erin was finishing her yoga teacher training. One of Erin’s yoga teachers, Lan Carpenter, facilitated the introduction. Lan’s daughter had been a dancer at CVDA and Lan had been Kristen’s guidance counselor at McMinnville High School.

As a new owner of CVDA, Kristen decided to offer yoga classes at the Newberg studio. Lan connected Erin and Kristen, and soon Erin started teaching yoga that was open to both adults and dance students. The emphasis was on flexibility and centering. Around the same time, Erin’s three daughters began taking dance classes at CVDA, first in Newberg, then McMinnville.  

Traditionally taught in a dance studio-like room, Erin recognized that the dark and cozy environment of the 4 Elements Yoga studio was not ideal for Barre, and began looking to expand.

Meanwhile, enrollment at CVDA Mac continued to grow. The need for its own space became clear. Kristen and Erin discussed the possibility of sharing a space, and as soon as the location on 2nd and Evans became available, they worked together to quickly make The Studio a reality in 2014.

“I love that space,” said Erin. “It’s a real dancer’s studio. The urban, clean, black and white juxtaposes with the woody, rustic setting of the yoga studio.”

The two entrepreneurs shared similar interests, passions, and a vision for growth. “We both understand the challenges (of running and growing a business),” said Erin. “It was a no brainer to work together. And it was super exciting to make a home for CVDA Mac.”

One of the unique additions to The Studio were the aerial silks that were installed on the ceiling about six months after opening. Aerial doesn’t replace mat work or stretching, but offers another dimension for movement.

Aerial classes provide the opportunity to do yoga and dance in a fun, supported and playful modality. People who try aerial love it for the weightlessness and the ability to do “tricks” and go upside down without fear or discomfort.

“Aerial has an ethereal quality that lends itself to both yoga and dancing. (Your body) feels so good!” noted Erin.

Thanks to the collegial relationship between CVDA Mac and 4 Elements, The Studio will continue to be a hub for all genres of dance, Barre, and aerial for the community of McMinnville. We look forward to more growth in the next decade!